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I started this blog as I entered my 40th year, and now firmly in my 40s, I continue to learn so much about life. I'm learning that life rarely goes according to plan and that there's something new to learn every single day, be it a subtle nudge or a smack in the face.... This is my blog about muddling through my 40s-working hard, writing a book, being an ammateur photographer, trying to exercise and eat well, endeavouring to be the world's best aunt, as well as having fun and laughing out loud every single day.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I is for Infinity

How great are the Toy Story movies?!

Buzz Lightyear's "To infinity and beyond!" should be a message to all of us.

Aim high.

With so much of life, including life itself, that is finite, it's lovely for a second to consider the infinite.

William Blake once said:

"If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is - infinite."

Potential, bound only by a lifetime, exists for infinite:  hope; wisdom; love; compassion; joy; laughter; fun; ideas; possibilities; dreams.

Around my neck I wear an inifinity symbol stamped with the first initial of my family, my family before me and my nephews.   My gentle reminder of our connection, and how we all live on long after we go.

"To infinity and beyond."


  1. What a concept infinity is and how lovely if we go there and beyond.

  2. This is such a lovely post, Jodie! Thanks!

  3. Lovely. Both the writing and the concepts. Very nice

  4. I was going to say exactly what dot hearn said :) x



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