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I started this blog as I entered my 40th year, and now firmly in my 40s, I continue to learn so much about life. I'm learning that life rarely goes according to plan and that there's something new to learn every single day, be it a subtle nudge or a smack in the face.... This is my blog about muddling through my 40s-working hard, writing a book, being an ammateur photographer, trying to exercise and eat well, endeavouring to be the world's best aunt, as well as having fun and laughing out loud every single day.

Friday, April 5, 2013

E is for ESPANA

After living in Spain between 1999 and 2002, I developed a fondness for many, many things.  Here is a list of the things I miss most about living in Spain:

1.     Speaking Spanish every day.
2.     My Spanish family
3.     Afternoon siestas
4.     Living outdoors most of the year
5.     Our country house
6.     Picking fresh tomatoes at the country house and eating them - salt shaker in pocket
7.     The BBQ at the country house - paella and chorizo in particular
8.     Mama's sopa de marisco
9.     The daily bakery trip to buy bread
10.   Churros Sunday mornings
11.   The sun
12.   Granada
13.   Being regularly told "Que ojos mas bonitos"
14.   The Spanish way of life
15.   The proximity to the rest of Europe
16.   Having 3 months off over Summer
17.   Magdelena's for breakfast
18.   Reality television shows - they taught me my 'street' Spanish
19.   Real tapas
20.   The large billboards of el toro on the sides of the highways

Viva Espana!


  1. How cool was that to live in Spain! Each item sounds wonderful!

  2. Love your blog! The tomatoes and salt shaker so delicious! New follower from A to Z :)

  3. I love Spain and I'm with Judy...
    love your blog :)


  4. Love the list of things you miss in Spain. And this one stood out for me, probably because it includes so many senses in the one sentence: " Picking fresh tomatoes at the country house and eating them - salt shaker in pocket"

  5. Love your blog site. I'm a first time A to Z participant and am so enjoying the huge mix of topics everyone finds to write about.

  6. Lovely blog.
    New follower visiting from A - Z

  7. Love the tomatoes with salt shaker in pocket (what funny looks I'd get here!) and daily trips to the bakery mmm... sounds yummy!

  8. I could so get into #6--sounds like summers at my grandparents' house!
    Just popped in from the A to Z challenge...
    dreaminofobx at Things I See and Know


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