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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Y Dear Rocky - You're the One (Garci)

Dear Rocky,

I discovered Jose Luis Garci movies when my good friend Jacques Simon educated me in the ways of Spanish cinema many moons ago.  While several of his movies sit in the back of my mind including Volver a Empezar and El Abuelo, my favourite all time film has to be You're the One (Una Historia de Entonces).

The film is set during the Spanish Civil war and is shot in Black & White.  Garci, you've already stolen my heart.  It is set in the north of Spain where our protagonista Julia's family owns a house, still cared for by Tia Gala and her daughter in law, Pilara.  Pilara's young son, Juanito lives with the women.

Julia's husband has been killed in the war and Pilara's husband, Gala's son, is missing.

This is a film about grief.  Grief and love.  And it is Julia's love for her husband that most attracts me to this film.

Her grief is palpable and is so eloquently expressed with every cigarette Julia smokes, artistically captured in black and white film.  Her blonde hair also highlighted, juxtaposed against her deep brown eyes.

Gala comments that Julia has a ghost stuck to her soul, one that she cannot detach from and in a way, that is one of the greatest sentiments in the entire film for me.  Imagine a love so enduring that it outlasts death.

Julia's broken heart leaps from the film and the healing of it and her soul is pure perfection throughout the film.

If you haven't seen this film, you really must.  It has touched my heart and soul very deeply.

What did you think Rocky?


Read Rocky's review here.

Lydia Bosch as Julia in You're The One

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  1. I definitely understand why this movie touched your heart and soul! It's haunted me off and on since I watched it. Thank you for suggesting it!


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