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Friday, April 4, 2014

D Dear Rocky - Dead Poet's Society

Dear Rocky,

Talk about life changing movies.... When I first saw Dead Poet's Society at the ripe old age of 17, I was yet to know the ways in which it would influence my life over the years to come.

This relationship between Robin Williams' character, John Keating, and his students epitomises what I spoke of in my 'A' post, where a healthy adult relationship outside of the family home can resurrect a young person's self-esteem and allow them to develop a complete identity.

O Captain, My Captain

Of course, the main tragedy is the suicide of the Neil after his father denies him the opportunity to follow his dream to become an actor.  Feeling unable to assert his dreams for life, Neil ends it by shooting himself with his father's gun.

What ensues is an act of passing the blame and John Keating is fired from teaching at the school.  The establishment cannot understand his open-minded approach to nourishing his students' minds.

But at the very end, our faith in humanity is restored when the students stand up for him and let him know where their loyalty lay.

"O Captain, My Captain." they each said as they stood on their desks.

My hairs still stand on end even thinking about that scene.

This is becoming clichéd, but I have to give this film a 10/10.

As a fan of poetry, I know you'll love this one too Rocky!


Read Rocky's review here!


  1. Ah, Jodie! I love that you were a mere 17 when this amazing movie seized you. And you're right! I love poetry, and I love this movie!!! And I love your review!!!

  2. I could never watch it because I already knew about the tragedy that was to take place (I am so lame)

  3. Love love love that movie. thanks for bringing it back thru my memory bank. happy a to z challenge

  4. That's an amazing movie, and the scene you mentioned, brings tears in my eyes just by remembering it. Some people do wonderful things not for themselves, or the money but for others, like that teacher (and like many other teachers). And when they're paid back like that, with passion, respect, showing that they really made a difference - that must be the most wonderful thing ever.


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