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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Q Dear Rocky - the Queen

Dear Rocky,

As a member of the Commonwealth, I was raised under the monarchy of Queen Elizabeth II.

The relationship I'd like to comment on in the movie The Queen, is that between the Queen and her people.  Firstly, Helen Mirren (a pure Goddess) was sheer graceful perfection in this film.

We know she has had a difficult relationship with Princess Diana throughout the years and this film captures the monarchy at the time of Diana's sudden death.

It is easy for the people of the Commonwealth to turn against the Queen in their time of shock and grief.

What I love about this story is the Queen's realisation and acceptance of this and in a way, her willingness to be the fall-guy in a sense.

Her stoicism and dedication to tradition is astounding at this time, when her cold exterior has us perceiving her in one way, yet at her core, her main concern is the welfare of her young grandsons, Harry and William.

The subtleties in this film, in this performance, were phenomenal in my opinion.

I give The Queen a 10/10!  I know!  I'm an easy critic.

What are your thoughts Rocky?


Read Rocky's review here!


  1. I wouldn't say you were an easy critic, Jodie! Remember American Psycho? :-) We've just been choosing some great movies to review! Yours here points out that which I neglected to. Even in her coldness, she is very solicitous of her grandsons! Great review, as always!

    1. Oh American Psycho..... who could forget hahaha


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