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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

S Dear Rocky - the Shawshank Redemption

Dear Rocky,

The Shawshank Redemption introduced me to both Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman and how grateful I am for that.

What most impresses and intrigues me about this film is the relationship humans (in this case, Andy and Red) have with hope in even the most dire of circumstances.

What is it about the human spirit that allows us to see a way out, when the most probable scenario robs us of an escape?

Perseverance, commitment, dedication and ..... hope. 

This incredible story of hope sees the most happy of endings for two unlikely friends bonded forever by their imprisonment.  In watching their journey, our hearts grow and in some way we hope that we, as human beings, are as strong of spirit, if ever the need arises.

For people everywhere, Shawshank Redemption tops 'Favourite Films' lists.  I have to agree.  It's close to the top of mine.  I give it a 10/10.

How about you Rocky?


Read Rocky's review here.


  1. One of my favorite movies of all time.

  2. Great post, Jodie! I love your take on "hope!"

  3. It really is such a great movie. I read the story first, but these actors really breathed life into the characters.

    Hope you’re having fun with the A to Z challenge,


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