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Thursday, April 10, 2014

I Dear Rocky - It's a Wonderful Life

If you're just tuning in, Rocky and I review movies on the Facebook Page Dear Rocky, Dear Jodie: The Actor and The Psychologist At The Movies.  Our A-Z blog challenge is to review the A-Z of movies!  Hope you love our choices and our reviews. 

Dear Rocky,

Can you even believe that it took me until now to see this wonderful movie?!  Thank goodness for this A-Z challenge and to you for choosing it in our list.

As you know, I've been choosing key relationships in our chosen movies to discuss from a psychological point of view.  In keeping with that them, I chose to do something else with It's a Wonderful Life.

The lure of this film for me is George Bailey's reflections on all of the lives he has touched, therefore making his life worthwhile and worth living.  For me, the perspective he gains seeing the people in his life and the quality of their lives without him in it, is akin to the perspective I gained when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I know that sounds weird and you're probably wondering how those things can be similar.  Let me explain.  Before I got sick, there were certain problems in my life, major and minor.  One of the major issues was my desire to have children and the worries I had for the purpose of my life if I didn't have a baby.

At around the same time this desire was growing in me, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  There's nothing like facing your mortality to give you a reality check!  Since coming through treatment with flying colours, I now am satisfied with life itself.  I no longer 'need' more, instead I count my blessings and am grateful for what I have.  Just like George Bailey!

This aspect of the film reminds me of The Five People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom.

This is one of my favourite books by my favourite author.  I love that the relationships identified as being life changing and important are those small and seemingly insignificant encounters that occur on a day-to-day basis.
It makes me think more about how I interact with the people with whom I come into contact everyday.  I try to slow down and be more considerate, not to rush on by without so much as a "hello, how are you?"
A gesture as small as that could mean the difference between a good and a bad day for someone.  Someone cared enough to look me in the eye and say hello today......  Who knows, it could have been the day they were considering ending their life because nobody cared.
I know this isn't necessarily a review of It's A Wonderful Life, but I hope it gets you thinking about how you'll treat the next person you see tomorrow.
I can't wait to read your thoughts Rocky - here.


  1. This film is a classic. It's amazing how many lives every person touches, whether they realize it or not. That's a crucial lesson for us all.

    -L.G. Keltner, minion in Captain Alex's Ninja Army

  2. I'm so glad you got to see it, Jodie! A wonderful review!

  3. I can't believe you hadn't seen this movie! Wow. It is a good movie and Albom's book was good too. They are good for making one think about connections.
    Donna Smith
    The A-to-Z Challenge
    Mainely Write

  4. I'm so glad you came through your breast cancer so well. I enjoyed your relationship perspective/connection with this movie. I love this movie and really enjoyed 5 People too.
    Great post!! :)


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