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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

#39 Reply to Rocky

On Sunday, my friend Rocky posted a letter to me on his blog Tales of the Rock.  You can read
Rocky Hatley's post to me about his experience with the movie August: Osange County starring Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts.

Here is my reply:

Dear Rocky,

I saw August: Osange County on New Year's Day.  Ever since seeing the preview a couple of weeks earlier, I'd been anticipating the film's release.  I'm always drawn to 'human' stories and this one looked like it offered it all up. 

I can't recall it being described as hilarious and it certainly didn't find it hilarious.  It's interesting as an Australian to hear your description of the kind of discrimination that occurs at times between the different states in the US. 

This film didn't sit well with me though, despite an exceptional performance by Julia Roberts.  It does deal with extremely dark themes, as you pointed out.

The main point that stood out for me from the movie was that certain personality traits are inherent, despite all of our best efforts to change them, or live our life in spite of them, they endure.  As Julia Roberts discovered she had remained completely unaware she even possessed many of her mother's qualities until it was so poignantly pointed out by her own daughter.

It made me think about the concept of change and the potential for change and the nurture versus nature debate.

In my job and in my life, I believe that people can change and that film really challenged that for me.

Can't wait to review another movie with you!

We can be the Blog World's David and Margaret - Google that...

Warm wishes,


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