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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Dear Rocky - The Wolf of Wall Street

Here is my movie review of the Wolf of Wall Street in reply to Rocky's review found here.

Dear Rocky,

Well, like you, I’d eagerly anticipated the arrival of The Wolf of Wall Street at our local cinema, for two reasons really.  One:  I love Scorcese films, although if I’m completely honest, I’m not sure if that’s because I love them, or because I should love them.  Two:  I couldn’t wait to see our gorgeous Aussie girl, Margot Robbie, in action. 

I have to admit, I get excited when I hear a movie is 3 hours long, assuming that means the content is so good they couldn’t leave a thing out.

So, I was ready.  A little Leo never hurts anyone either.

My reaction fluctuated throughout.  I like the comparisons you draw with Caligula (which I have never seen, but get the gist!) and the Lord of the Flies.  Very apt.   

Let’s talk excess.  I don’t know if, in reality, I’ve ever heard about anyone complain about excess good stuff.  Even though we know that alcohol and drugs are no good for us in the long term, no one seems to complain in the heat of the moment-when it’s fun.

I don’t know how the hell these guys functioned with the amount of stuff they were drinking/snorting/swallowing though.  They clearly should’ve been pharmacists with their knowledge of achieving the right balance.

Clearly Jordan had an addictive personality and we got to watch that develop throughout the movie as he continued to move onto bigger and better things, more, more, more.  How his penis did not fall off I’ll never know.  Addiction is dangerous territory.  It is virtually never possible to fill the ‘gap’ or in the case of these guys, ‘gaping hole’ in their lives.  That was sad to watch.  Too often glamour, wealth, material possessions can mask what’s missing extremely well, but only when looking from the outside in.  The person wearing the mask always knows, or is running from, the truth.

You’re funny talking about the two sympathetic characters.  I felt sorry for Naomi too.  Mainly because I have a massive girl crush on Margot Robbie, but also because I think at the end of the day she wanted what we all want.  Love and stability.

The acting was phenomenal though wasn’t it.  There were times when I thought Leo was going to have a stroke with all the crazy that he possessed.  And Jonah was fabulous.  I hope he got a bonus in his pay packet.

With the scene with Leo and Margot fighting before he takes the child to the car, how do actors work themselves up into such a rage and what is that like on the receiving end?  How would that have been for Margot when he pushed her because she seemed literally stunned when it happened.  Do they kiss and hug once the director calls cut or do they stay in character?  I’m fascinated.

And what about all the sex scenes?  Awkward?  One question I’ve always wanted to ask, do they actually have sex???

If Jordan Belfort wanted his story to be a cautionary tale he freakin’ failed in my book.  And how about the end?  Now he gets public speaking gigs.....and he’s a published author.  Living the dream....

I did enjoy the movie, even if most of it was wide eyed, OMG, and head shaking.  I was stunned by the acting.  Just brilliant.  And I was happy for Margot that she did so well.  She is simply stunning.

Scorcese is great at examining the human condition and this time he focussed his lens on greed and addiction.  What wasn’t so clear was what sat under the surface.  I’m curious about Jordan’s back story.  What happened in his life, to his attachment with his parents that left such an abyss in his soul.

The swearing didn’t bother me.  I swear like a truck driver.  In fact, I think it added something to the cut throat nature of their business.
My score:  7/10.
I liked it and I’m glad I’ve seen it, but I don’t think I’ll ever watch it again.  I love films that I can’t get enough of.
Can’t wait to review our next film Saving Mr Banks.
Warm wishes,


  1. Dear Jodie:

    I love your questions about actors working themselves into a rage. Each actor works differently. For me it's a matter of energy. Once I have the energy I can guide it into whatever emotions I need for a particular scene.

    I have no doubt that Margot knew that the shove was coming, but in the middle of a scene, if you're focused on the "now" then it's still a stunner when it comes. You are so right about Margot Robbie. She is gorgeous and good!

    You're right! I thought all of the acting in this movie was amazing!

    I have no doubt that sex scenes have involved actual sex from time to time, but Union rules would frown on it, for one thing. For another, though the director (Scorsese in this case) does a masterful job of creating intimacy, up to fifty people or so, from the director, director of photography, the makeup and hair people, gaffers, production assistants, etc, are watching. Kinda takes the spice right out of the sauce. :-)

    Can't wait to join you on Saving Mr. Bank!

  2. Uhhh, that should be Saving Mr. Banks! And I should mention that even on a closed set, there are still quite a few watching. :-)


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