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Thursday, February 20, 2014

#48 Fillies, Frocks & Frothies For The McGrath Foundation

As I count down over the next twelve months to my fifth cancerversary, this coming Breast Cancer Awareness Month I have talked some friends into helping me 'give back' by organising a fundraising event.

It never ceases to amaze me the generosity and community spirit that is alive and well.

No sooner had I uttered the words "I'd like to have a fundraiser" and we had entertainment in the form of duet Trevor & Mel; a venue thanks to Lucas at The Last Coach; free food thanks again to Lucas.... and we were on our way.

I casually mentioned to my friend Rik what we were doing and the next day he delivered a $1,000.00 voucher from his business Qualified Painters & Decorators, along with a promise of a $500 paint donation from Pontings' Paint Place.

So we're having an Auction and a raffle and as the day will fall during the Spring Race Carnival, we'll be having horse racing sweeps throughout the day, not to mention Fashions on the Field.

It started with an idea and now it has a life of its own......

I'll keep you posted on its evolution, but for now, check out our charity the McGrath Foundation.

Jane McGrath was an inspiration to all Australians not only for her fight against cancer, but how much she gave to all people with breast cancer.

My McGrath Breast Care Nurse was one of the most important people on my 'team' through treatment.  Of course my doctors were invaluable, but Bec sat with me at every chemo and answered every question I had.  She was my confidante and my counsellor and my nurse.  She saved my sanity and I will never, ever forget what she did for me.

For that reason, I chose the McGrath Foundation to give back to.  Every dollar funds the valuable roles of Breast Care Nurses around the country. 

If you wanted to contribute to this incredible charity too, you can do so here.

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