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Sunday, February 23, 2014

#49 Dear Rocky - Dallas Buyers Club

Read Rocky's review here!

Dear Rocky,

When critiquing the Dallas Buyers Club I was reminded of a comment that someone once made to me about critiquing memoir – that it’s difficult because you feel as though you are critiquing the person instead of the work.  This is how I felt watching Matthew McConaughey’s Ron in the beginning of the film, critical, and I found it difficult to shake no matter how much he redeemed himself through his actions later on.

I also struggle with Matthew McConaughey’s accent.  For me, it is the same in every movie which reminds me I’m watching Matthew McConaughey, no matter how much weight he’s lost.  I have never gotten lost in a character of his and that’s a shame.

Jared Leto on the other hand – BRILLIANT.  And beautiful.  I agree that the scene between Rayon and his father is pivotal.  I found his father repugnant which I guess means, that actor was doing his job well.  Maybe he should be up for an Oscar! 

Rocky, the story of your uncle and your cousin is a wonderful one that highlights again for me, your absolute unconditional regard for the human condition.  You have so many stories to tell that teach lesson after lesson.  Thank you for sharing it.

I believe that the character of Ron’s anti-gay stance initially also added to my list of things to dislike about him – I found him such a difficult character to identify with, until…

I liked and appreciated your take on the film, about it being about “accepting things outside of our normal range to accept.”  In addition to that, I found it to be a movie about the little guy.  The one they expect to just sit down and take no for an answer.  The one the hope will swallow their explanations and choices and decisions without question.  The story behind Dallas Buyers Club for me, is about critically evaluating what we are told, especially when our instincts tell us something is not right.

I agree with you that this is a story about survival and that instinct is very strong in each of these characters – it is what bonds them, you are right.

It is an interesting thing, what happens when you face your mortality.  Almost as if in a movie, your focus narrows in on your very inner self – imagine a wide angle lens panning some far off land and then zooming and zooming until it moves through a community of people, and then a few people, and then one person…. That’s sort of what it was like for me when I was diagnosed with cancer.  And the focus – my focus – stayed on me, in the present day, pretty much the entire time I was having treatment.

Ron’s and Rayon’s and all of the other patients in the film, were the same.  Do what you have to do to stay alive….

You liked Jennifer Garner, I agree she was lost in this film, but I also think she was mis-cast.  I didn’t buy her attraction to Ron’s character.  Not one bit.  I would have bought it more if she formed the stronger friendship/relationship with Rayon.  See how much I didn’t like the character of Ron!!  Sorry to the real Ron, I’m sure he had many redeemable characteristics.

I give this movie a 6 out of 10.  I didn’t like it.  And this is where I feel like I’m critiquing the person/people and not the film – it’s hard!  I will never want to watch this film again and I haven’t thought much about it since – except now, when reading your review.  What can I say?

I have to tell you, I’m having a phase of not enjoying movies!  I saw Railway Man the other day…. Didn’t enjoy that either….maybe we’ll have to review that one next?


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