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Sunday, March 16, 2014

#55 Dear Rocky - My review of Gravity

Sandra Bullock - Gravity
Read Rocky's review here!

Dear Rocky,

Finally, a film I can rave about!  Gravity = 80 minutes of perfection.  Who would have thought a movie set in space, with only two characters (one of whom is absent for most of it) could keep my interest for every second.

Gravity certainly did that for me.

Sandra Bullock and George Clooney are clearly Box Office gold, but even they deserve the recognition of the tough job they had making this movie what it was. 

One of the stand out components for me was the movement.  Bullock moved with the grace and precision of a ballet dancer and as a former Pilates instructor, I watched in awe at her divine muscle sequencing and core stability.  As I searched for an image for this post, I noticed that much of it was filmed under water.  How awesome is that?!

George was perfect, as always.  I loved the touch of his radio/music - so cool.  I also adored how he was not our hero in this movie....although he kind of was.... this was a story about a strong and intelligent woman.  So proud.

I wondered how I would have reacted emotionally had I been in the position of our two characters and I'm sure I would not have been anywhere near as calm.  But hey, you never really know, do you?

I also wasn't sure why they had to have Sandra's daughter die?  Couldn't she have been waiting on Earth?  That's my only gripe....

I give this film a 9.5/10 as well.  Loved it.

My little space story, which does not compete at all with yours (!), is that in Prep, first year of primary school, we used to play a game where we pretended Skylab was falling!  When I visited Washington D.C. in 2012 and saw the replica of Skylab it brought back so many fond memories - that must be odd to read when talking of a major space incident, but it was a part of my childhood.

Read about Skylab falling here.

Okay, well, I'm getting ready to tackle our A-Z Challenge.  You may not hear from me again until April 1st!  There are a lot of movies to watch between now and then.



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