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Sunday, March 9, 2014

#54 Dear Rocky - American Psycho

Christian Bale as Patrick Bateman.  Sorry.  Couldn't resist.
Hi Rocky, 
Brent recommended American Psycho to us.  Brent, you owe me an hour of my life back!!  Why only an hour?  Well, because that's all I watched.  I literally sat there watching it resenting the time it was sapping from my life.  The rest of the time I spent trying to diagnose Patrick.
Was he a narcissist and a sociopath?  Did he have anti-social personality disorder or was he just a psychopath?  What happened to him as a child?  Did he meet criteria for autism spectrum disorder because of the attention to detail and routine nature of his functioning?
Problem was, even that didn't entertain me enough.  Initially, I thought I would love it.  It seemed over the top funny and I loved the 80s soundtrack.  I must admit, watching Christian Bale naked most of the time was not too hard to take!  Then, American Psycho just became bizarre.  I didn't get it either.
Is it true that this 'cult film' is also a musical stage production?  Honestly, who would waste their time?  
I read somewhere that our favourite Leo DiCaprio was cast in the role of Patrick. Hmmm.  Dodged a bullet there Leo!
Having read your review, I see I must have missed the most action-packed 30 minutes of the movie.  Will I regret my decision to stop watching?  I don't think so.
I give it a 2/10.  Sorry America.


  1. Hi Jodie: I was not the least bit taken aback by your comments. In case Rocky had not told you, I'm currently working on a manuscript for a novel about a serial killer who DOES NOT fit the law enforcement "profile" of the stereotypical serial killer; i.e. he is not the child of a one-parent upbringing, he does not hate his mother, he was not the subject of child abuse (neither sexual, physical, or mental), he comes from an affluent family, and he is not by any means a sexual predator. He also uses public transportation to befriend, then stalk his victims. (Call it "Dexter takes the bus", if you will.) I was especially interested in seeing how you would react as someone skilled in Psychology, and as to how Rocky would react as someone well versed in movies and theatre, and writing. Thank you for doing your review. I'll give you your hour back and then some at the Rock and Roll Hall of fame, if you should ever decide to come to Cleveland.

  2. Being Rocky's friend, and hearing a lot of wonderful things about you, Jodie, I "liked" this blog on FB. (I was also an actor, am interested in psychology, and now teach middle school ... and now you can analyze me! Please??? HAHAHA!) In any case, I found 'American Psycho' quite interesting. I had no intention of ever watching it, having read the book when it hit the shelves and being quite disgusted. However a friend of mine suggested we watch it one night ... and so we did! I'm not a big fan of splatter movies, but the character and his outrageous actions kept me interested. I know Rocky didn't like the movie either, (we had a long conversation about it last night at dinner,) but this is one where we've decided to agree to disagree. I look forward to reading more of this blog! Take care and please feel free to try and analyze me! (I've been trying for years .. with no success!!!) :)


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