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Monday, December 15, 2014

#64 The Terrorist at the Lindt Cafe

My parents are gorgeous. They were so worried that my recent trip to Central America would spell disaster for their eldest child, namely in the form of kidnapping or a life imprisonment for drug trafficking. Don't ask me why.... and sorry to all of my Central American friends.

Parents worry about everything, and of course that is their right. But sadly, they needn't worry about us having to leave the country for any crisis to occur. No. Today I could have been sitting in the Lindt café in Martin Place in the centre of Sydney. Just like any other coffee date any of us could have been on.

Sipping on our hot chocolate, slowly stirring our chocolate through our warmed milk, indulging in something rich and sticky. Would we have even noticed when he walked in? The gunman I mean. Would he have demanded our attention straight away?

What would we have done? How would our bodies have reacted, our survival instincts kicking in?

I imagine my parents sitting at home watching the news as I am now. They wouldn't even have a clue if I was in the café. I'm clearly not. I'm not even in Sydney. But I could've been. And just as likely, the gunman could've been anywhere. In any café.

There is no way for us, the ordinary people, to know when, where, what or how these things will happen. I'd like to think our government, our police, our army have more of an idea. They've certainly managed - are managing - the situation today. This is not 9/11. But it's just as scary. We don't know what will happen next. Nor do we know where. Which means we don't know what to do to prevent it from happening, nor how to protect ourselves.

I don't know what else to say except I hope the remaining hostages are freed soon, unharmed, and have access to quick and effective support when they are released.

Our thoughts are with you and your families.

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