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Sunday, June 29, 2014

#62 Dear Rocky - The Lion King

Dear Rocky,

A couple of weeks ago now, I watched the Lion King - another of Graham's Top Ten films of all time.  I have to admit, this is another title that I hadn't watched until now.

I'm not entirely sure why I hadn't watched it.  It's not like I'm against animated films.  Far from it.  In fact, Up would have to be in my Top Ten all time films.

Another confession - I pushed play on the dvd player and didn't even look up from Facebook until the stampede scene about 30 minutes into the film.  I was listening though, and up until that point it sounded like your average kiddie flick.

My interested was sparked when Simba found his voice, and then I was hooked.  Glued to the screen then, I was petrified as he ran amongst those fearsome hooves - Please don't die Simba!! 

Then that awful Scar finds Mufasa and alerts him that his son is in danger - I wonder why Scar, you horrendous beast!

And when James Earl J...... I mean, Mufasa goes to save his son, my heart was in my throat.

I would have to say that last part where Mufasa is climbing the cliff and Scar puts his claws in his paws and says "Long live the King" is hands-down THE MOST villainous line in any movie, any where, any time.  Wow.

The way he throws Mufasa back and the way he falls and screams..... most heartbreaking scenes ever.  And of course, he is dead.  And little Simba curls up beside him.  Sob. Sob.

It's incredible how moving animated characters can be isn't it.  When Simba was escaping through that jungle of thorns, escaping from the hyenas, I felt so sorry for him. So small, and alone in the world.

Then I tuned out again, until the last fight scene with Scar.  What a battle.  First, I was surprised that the Scar was given the opportunity to walk away and I didn't see his retaliation coming - I love that I could still be surprised by this movie.  Then the bitch slapping made me giggle.  And finally, the beautiful karmic end with the hyenas. 

While, it clearly didn't engage me completely, the two scenes that I did watch engrossed me entirely.  Because of that, I give this film an 8/10.

I still want to see the stage musical.....

How about you Rocky?  Read Rocky's review here.


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  1. I am lucky enough to have seen the Stage Musical twice and loved it


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