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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

#75 Dear Rocky - The Breakfast Club

Dear Rocky,

In 1985 when The Breakfast Club enjoyed its Australian release, I entered my first year of high school, still a twelve year old.

I'd already met Molly Ringwald in 16 Candles the year before, I had only one more year to wait until Pretty in Pink enhanced my adolescence in a way on Hollywood can.

My teenage years were defined by movies like these - they helped shape us and introduce us to so many aspects of life - I'm sure many of them passed right over my head.

In the past few weeks, one of our television stations has been playing back-to-back Molly Ringwald films and I'm so happy to say, I stumbled across The Breakfast Club one cold wintery night.

Not only did I sit down to watch an iconic film from my past, I flew back in time to 1985 at a time in my life when I discovered boys and the importance of fitting in with my peers.

Those themes are still so important and maybe even more so in some ways for teenagers today. Goodness knows, teenagers today have more technological challenges than we ever had to face - but the themes are the same.

The Breakfast Club is about teenage roles and relationships - the Athlete, the Princess, the Brain, the Criminal and the Basket Case. We might use different terminology now, but the moulds are the same.

I want to share some of my favourite quotes and lessons that continue to resonate today:

I can only rate a film that meant so much in my life at the time a 10/10.

I can't wait to read your thoughts Rocky. Read Rocky's review here.

Which movie will we tackle next?


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