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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

#69 The 2015 Oscars

Read Rocky's review first here.
Dear Rocky,

I completely agree with you that the 2015 Oscars were incredibly impressive.

I had a huge laugh while still on the red carpet at the exchange between mother and daughter, Melanie Griffiths and Dakota Johnson. Did you see it? Melanie was asked if she had seen 50 Shades of Grey and was adamant that she would not. What ensued was a "One day she'll see it" vs "No I won't" argument before Dakota finally said something like "for f#%@ sake" and eye rolled. You have to watch it - such a normal mother/daughter discussion. Here's a link.

Enough can't be said about John Travolta "the creepy uncle" and the innumerable GIFS going around today. Here is my favourite that fits with your quote from Neil Patrick Harris.

I don't feel fully qualified to comment on the winners and losers - I'd only seen 3 of the nominated best films, so bear that in mind. Having said that, I am looking forward to seeing the ones I missed.

I completely love that Eddie Redmayne won. I agree with you that it was a truly physical role and he played it to perfection. What kind eyes he has and such a beautiful smile. I loved his very heartfelt speech. Just brilliant. Did you know he went to Eton with Prince William?

I liked J. K. Simmons speech as well. I haven't seen that film either, but I will. And I will call my mum.

I loved Common's and John Legend's acceptance speech for the Best Song Oscar too, it was really moving, but I didn't find it any less political than Patricia Arquette's. I agree that theirs related to Selma and hers did not relate to Boyhood - but she's not the first person to use the stage to make a point. I have to say it was nice seeing Meryl so animated.

I loved Julianne Moore's acceptance speech too, but I didn't love her performance in Still Alice. I had such high hopes because I ordered the book, yet the movie did not move me until the very last scene and that disappointed me.

Although, I don't know who I would have preferred to win best actress. I did like Reese in Wild and I did like Rosamund in Gone Girl, and of course I loved Felicity in the Theory of Everything - actually, as I write that, I would choose Felicity Jones. I don't know how much of that choice is her acting ability or the character she played. Perhaps both were amazing.

Rocky, did Joan Rivers really have anything to do with making movies Rocky? I missed that whole section but of course would have loved to have seen the part about Robin Williams.

I love Neil Patrick Harris and I adored the opening number with Anna Kendrick and Jack Black. She's incredible. Watch it here.

This is the first year I haven't watched the Oscars from start to finish. I don't know why - they started late and I was tired. I'm going to make a promise for 2016 to start earlier, watching all of the nominated movies before the ceremony and drumming up as much enthusiasm as I can.

To make up for my lacklustre performance this year, here are a few of my favourite moments.

Jennifer Aniston/Reese Witherspoon - so cute!

I just love Jen!

How gorgeous is this friendship.

Thanks for your review Rocky. What will we take on next? Still Alice?


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