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Sunday, May 25, 2014

#58 Dear Rocky - E. T.

Read Rocky's review of E.T. here.

Dear Rocky,

Wow - that A-Z Blog Challenge really knocks the wind out of my sails every year - sorry for the lack of contact!  I think I've finally recovered.

So, here we go, tackling Graham's Top Ten films, the first of which is one of my all time faves!

When E.T. was released, I was ten years old.  My sister and I were lucky enough to see it three times when it was first released - twice at the drive in and once in the cinema. 

I was in love.  With E.T. of course, but mainly with Elliot's brother Michael!  How hysterical is that.  He may have been my first crush.  I found a little red note book my grandfather had given me when I was little.  In it I had written a list of all the people I loved.  It included my Nana and Pa, Mum and Dad, sister, pet dog, and ....... Michael.  How sweet is that.

There are so many relationships to explore in this movie, and from a psychological perspective, so many risk factors for developing some hefty mental health issues for the family in it!

I mean, if we pretended this scenario ACTUALLY played out in real life, we'd be talking post-traumatic stress disorder; adjustment disorder; psychotic disorders (was there really an alien in our backyard); the list goes on....

But what truly tore my heart out, was the grief.  So much grief.  Perhaps it begins with the family's missing father, but it of course ends with saying goodbye to E.T.

Elliot's attachment to E.T. (and vice versa) was like that of a relationship with a much loved pet multiplied by infinity. 

You know how you feel when you've had some exotic life changing experience, only to return to your regular old life and job on Monday morning - that kind of grief and struggle to adjust back to mediocre (by comparison!)?  Well, imagine how Elliot felt returning to everyday life without E.T.
Throwing the ball for the dog just wouldn't cut it I don't think!

E.T. is a film that has stood the test of time, including the limited special effect resources available at the time.  Anytime it's replayed on television, I watch.

And every time I watch - I cry.

I give E.T. one trillion out of ten.

How about you Rocky?


Love this scene with Drew Barrymore.


  1. Beautiful review, Jodie! Really beautiful and insightful!!!

  2. Nice review, and I agree with you. Where the film ends, it feels like the aftermath of the story just begins. Wonderful film.


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