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I started this blog as I entered my 40th year, and now firmly in my 40s, I continue to learn so much about life. I'm learning that life rarely goes according to plan and that there's something new to learn every single day, be it a subtle nudge or a smack in the face.... This is my blog about muddling through my 40s-working hard, writing a book, being an ammateur photographer, trying to exercise and eat well, endeavouring to be the world's best aunt, as well as having fun and laughing out loud every single day.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

#15 Careful what you wish for......

I spend the majority of my Friday nights wishing for a weekend to myself, to write.  Fortyeight hours without human contact, not leaving the house, cosy, comfortable and content.  That's my fantasy.

Now don't get me wrong.  I love my friends and family and I adore spending time with them, which is why I say yes to every invitation that comes my way.  Unfortunately, it doesn't take many yesses to fill a weekend and before I know it, I haven't written a word.  Again.

Last night, I had similar thoughts.  Imagine the bliss of a telephone that temporarily didn't ring.

For the most part, I can be fairly absent-minded but after my 'man flu' the week before last, I feel as though I have coasted through the past week in a haze.  Not quite sure how I made it actually.  That is my excuse for what happened this morning.

Bounding out of bed (not!) I scooped up my doona cover and swiftly deposited into the washing machine and set the cycle in motion.

It wasn't until about an hour later that I went looking for my phone and realised the unthinkable.  My phone entered the spin cycle about the same time.  Time cannot pass any slower than it does when one awaits the end of a front loader washing cycle.

Luckily I've had experience with this kind of thing and was prepared with my bag of rice.  Approximately 12 hours have passed now and I have resisted all temptation to see how it's going.

I found the majority of the day to be relatively peaceful with my reason to disconnect, but to be honest, I'm feeling a tiny bit lonely now.  I tried to watch the Paper Boy.  What is that all about?  Then I watched Safe Haven and enjoyed it.  Can't be a good sign.  Now I'm writing, but not really writing what I want to be writing.  I'm such a procrastinator.

The irony is that instead of fantasing about a phone that never rings, I'm not starting to fantasise about a time my phone will ring again...... hopefully in about another twelve hours time!

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  1. Oh, my gosh! I do hope the rice works! It's options we want, isn't it? Not enforcement. :-) Do write well!!! And thank you so much for your comments!!!


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